A humane world of work – in the age of intelligent machines

With the rise of advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence the role of the human being in the production process changes. Human subjectivity becomes ever more important. Constant skills development over the life course becomes a necessity. At the same time, rising productivity could set people free to engage in activities directed at others or society at large. A more humane working world is possible in the age of intelligent machines – if we set the right course today.

Max Neufeind is a researcher, speaker, and policy adviser on digitalization and the future of work. He is a policy fellow with the Berlin-based think tank Das Progressive Zentrum and a member of TT30, the young think tank of the Club of Rome. Max was a John F. Kennedy Fellow at Harvard University and served as a guest lecturer at Hertie School of Governance, among others. For the past three years he was selected as one of Germany’s „Top 40 under 40“ by Capital magazine. He recently published the edited volume “Work in the digital age“.