Tickets for Q BERLIN 2022 are coming soon.

How can I attend the conference?

In 2021, Berlin questions took place in a hybrid format: both online, via livestream and on the 3D platform The Virtual Now and in person, at various locations in Berlin. Tickets for the main day (11.8.), for five Deep Dive Programs (12.-14.8.), and “The Virtual Now” could be purchased online. If guests wanted to attend the conference but were not able to afford the admission fee could get in touch with us via We had reserved a number of free and discounted tickets.

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Why join the conference online?

Digital conference tickets granted access to “The Virtual Now”, a cutting-edge 3D conference environment created for “Berlin questions 2021”. It allowed guests to join the debate from wherever they were and to connect with avatars of other visitors, regardless of pandemic regulations. Guests yould explore the digital platform, follow our speakers’ talks and discussions or discover past contributions in the archives.

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Get inspired by speakers from all over the world

International politicians, journalists, scientists and artists attend the conference every year to address topics of global importance. Let’s meet – in person or online – to ask the most pressing questions of our time.

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Digital Conference Ticket 11. - 14.08.2021

Main Day Live @ewerk 11.08.2021, starting 10:00 a.m.

Deep Dive Program „Quarantine Economies“ @San Gimignano Lichtenberg 12.08.2021, starting 5:30 p.m.

Deep Dive Program „Public Luxuries“ @Spreepark Berlin 12.08.2021, starting 2:00 p.m.

Deep Dive Program „Civil Responsibility“ @Haus der Statistik 13.08.2021, starting 5:30 p.m.

Deep Dive Program „Disrupted Mobilities“ @Berlin Tegel Airport TXL 13.08.2021

Deep Dive Program "Ecology after Nature" & Grand Finale: Marathon for the New Now 14.08.2021, starting 2:00 p.m.