Daniel Domscheit-Berg


Daniel Domscheit-Berg

German Activist & IT Security Expert

Daniel Domscheit-Berg is a German activist, IT security expert and
advocate for transparency.
Domscheit-Berg helped build the WikiLeaks platform from late 2007 to
September 2010, and represented the organisation as its spokesperson. He
quit WikiLeaks over disputes about its
strategic orientation, lack of transparency and management style.

Domscheit-Berg today is involved with various internet projects related
to privacy and anonymity, and furthering the decentralization of the
Internet’s infrastructure. Running a makerspace in Brandenburg’s
countryside, he passionately teaches kids about electronics and
technology, and grows vegetables in a networked garden.

In the past, Domscheit-Berg worked for various fortune 500 companies,
mainly building enterprise-scale wireless and wired networks for the
automotive and transport industries.