Message from Michael Müller, Governing Mayor of Berlin 2014-2021

The New Now – What does the present mean for the future? What lessons do we need to learn from the here and now in order to hit the ground running after the pandemic? What role will metropolises play in this process? And why are we asking this question in…

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Quarantine Economies

SAN GIMIGNANO LICHTENBERG is an ongoing architectural project initiated and developed by a group of architects, TV producers, gardeners, carpenters, artists, journalists and many more. It is developed from an industrial wasteland and located between hypermarkets and logistics centers. It is a visual manifestation of the consequences of current developments…

Public Luxuries

The now obsolete amusement park SPREEPARK in the former eastern part of Berlin is rich in stories of the city and at the same time a location of great intensity, where nature, entertainment and city meet. Topics surrounding Public Luxuries will be addressed there. The abundance of possibilities has never…

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Disrupted Mobilities

With its distinctive octagonal shape and rich history, enabling the Berlin Airlift for example, the airport BERLIN TEGEL is a landmark of the city. After serving as Berlin’s main connection to the world since the 1970s, the airport closed in 2020 and is currently at the centre of a public…

Civil Responsibility

The social challenges that we are currently facing are perhaps the greatest of our generation. What impact will Covid-19 have on local and international politics? Will we see a rise in nationalist tendencies as a long-term result? At the local level, confrontations, riots and hostile communication are on the rise.

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Fourth edition of Berlin questions announced

From 11 to 14 August, the conference Berlin questions will take over the city of Berlin for the fourth time. Under the title Metropolis: The New Now, international speakers will meet in iconic locations across the city to discuss the most pressing issues of our time.

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