Q BERLIN QUESTIQNS is Berlin’s platform for global discourse, a creative space to exchange views and give orientation in today’s fast changing world. Berlin is internationally renowned as a city of freedom, openness, diversity and change. It is a place where the most future relevant topics are being discussed and explored. Q illuminates the great transformation themes of our time.

The program consists of lectures, interactions, performances and a cultural deep-dive into Berlin’s core – together with international thinkers, unconventional minds and participants from all over the world.

Curatorial Statement 2018

“Walking away from the experience, I have broader insights that will surely influence my thinking going forward.”


Kick-off: Q Berlin questiqns 2017


A forum for finding answers – Q BERLIN QUESTIQNS was founded in 2017 by visitBerlin and red onion. Gathering leading thinkers and the public for a two-day interactive event in Berlin, Q BERLIN QUESTIQNS was curated to provoke inquiry into meaningful questions shaping contemporary society, in the present and in fast changing times. Speakers including star architect Rem Koolhaas, author Taiye Selasi, women’s advocate Alaa Murabit, and Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus explored the topics Work (What do we do when there’s nothing left to do?), Governance (How should we govern at the pace of economic, social and technological change?), Cultural Identity & Experience of Difference (Imagine yourself as the other self. How do we embrace tolerance and difference?), Social Justice (What will be the next social contract?) and Urbanization (Urban Angst and Stamina. What are the promising concepts to handle the rise and fall of the city?). Building off the energy and engagement of the first edition, Q BERLIN QUESTIQNS will again bring inquisitive minds together in November 2018.

“Just loved the atmosphere. Thank you @qberlinquestions for that experience. People’s passions on stage on fleek #qberlin”