Berlin has a worldwide reputation for being a city of freedom, openness, diversity and change. It is a place where some of the world’s biggest questions have been and will continue to be discussed and explored.

Q Berlin Questions is the city’s first platform for global discourse, creating a space to share opinions, propose potential answers and give guidance in rapidly changing and confusing world.

Q will shine light on the biggest areas of transformation of our time and discover how these are reflected in the city. Taking into consideration the problems the world faces from a variety of standpoints, we have chosen five key questions.

In 2017 our aim is to help guide these discussions and explore possible scenarios on how we can move forward. We have curated a program around these five questions:

What do we do when there’s nothing left to do?
What will be the next social contract?
Urban Angst and Stamina. What are the promising concepts to handle the rise and fall of the city?
Imagine yourself as the other self. How do we embrace tolerance and difference?
How should we govern at the pace of economic, social and technological change?

The Q program is made up of talks, discussions and excursions as well as video and performance pieces and is designed to surprise – typical Berlin-style.