Women’s empowerment through volunteer work –
The meaning of volunteering – today and as a concept for tomorrow’s job market

Suhani Jalota’s work starts where few care to look: in the slums of Bombay. Her Myna Mahila Foundation is committed to creating equal health opportunities for men and women, encourages women to discuss hygiene education that is taboo in India and provides sanitary products. The 24-year-old started a business to produce these products while offering job opportunities to women. Over the last four years, Suhani Jalota has created a network providing education and job opportunities for increased independence. Forbes Magazine named Suhani Jalota one of their “30 under 30 Asia 2018” and since 2017, she has been carrying the designation of “Queen’s Young Leader representing India”. Her vision is set on a future in which the increased deployment of artificial intelligence allows human labourers to invest more time in volunteer work.