Hanna Poddig


Hanna Poddig

Environmental Activist and Author

The German environmental activist and author Hanna Poddig has been involved in environmental protection ever since she was in high school. She has taken part in many protest activities such as the Castor blockades in the Wendland, protests against the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm and various other chain-actions, which she was arrested for twice. Hanna has acted as a criminal defense lawyer for other activists in a number of criminal and administrative offenses, exercising her right to the admission of untrained lawyers (pursuant to §138 (2) German StPO).

Since 2007 she has written for “Graswurzelrevolution” and “Grünes Blatt”. In 2009 her book “Radikal mutig” was published and she has been working for the translation collective around the anarchist mailorder “black mosquito” since 2012.

Hanna has also appeared on numerous television reports and documentaries. She is regularly invited to be a guest in talkshows, such as “Menschen bei Maischberger”, “Nachtcafé“, “Maybrit Illner” and “Günther Jauch”, and participated in the film “Project A – A Journey to Anarchist Projects in Europe” (2016).
(Copyright Photo: Pay Numrich)

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