Q Marathon

1000 people – 1000 questions. Become a part of Q BERLIN QUESTIQNS!



The Q MARATHQN will open the stage up for anyone who has something to say and who would like to take part in the discussions. The grand finale of the Q BERLIN QUESTIQNS conference, the Q MARATHQN offers a platform for exchanging ideas on the burning questions of our time and opens a dialogue between experts and the public.

What, Where & When?

  • The Q MARATHQN is the grand finale of the two-day Q BERLIN QUESTIQNS conference
  • Schiller Theater Berlin, Bismarckstraße 110, 10625 Berlin
  • Friday 20th October 2017 @ 6:30pm, Entry from 5:30pm


Photo by Laura Wielo on unsplash.com

Speak to the Experts

At the Q MARATHQN you will have the opportunity to join the discourse with the attendees and speakers from this year’s conference, either as an audience member or as a presenter on the Q stage.

Renowned thought leaders and figures from the arts world will be speaking to the public about the five topics at the heart of Q BERLIN QUESTIQNS: Cultural Identity & Experience of Difference, Governance, Social Justice, Work and Urbanisation. The Q MARATHQN stage will be open not only to our speakers from Germany and across the globe, but also other experts and the general public to express their thoughts on these key topics.

The five central Q BERLIN QUESTIQNS are: 

  • Imagine yourself as the other self. How do we embrace tolerance and difference?
  • What will be the next social contract?
  • Urban Angst and Stamina. What are the promising concepts to handle the rise and fall of the city?
  • How should we govern at the pace of economic, social and technological change?
  • What do we do when there’s nothing left to do?

At the end of each session there will be an open audience Q&A. Bring your questions and ideas to the discussion and let the other attendees inspire and challenge you!

You want to …


… be a part of the audience?

You want to listen to exciting talks and join in with the discussion? Tickets are available here:

Von Eventbrite


… present on the Q stage?

Bring your own ideas to the Q MARATHQN stage, be it through a short presentation, performance, video or other artistic piece – send us your proposal and apply to take part as a Q Speaker/Performer. As a Q Speaker you will have the rare opportunity to share your thoughts with renowned experts and audience members from Berlin and all over the globe. If that weren’t enough, you will also receive a ticket for the entire two-day Q BERLIN QUESTIQNS conference.

How to apply:

To bring your own contribution to the Q MARATHQN stage please submit your proposal in the form of a short abstract: which of the five Q questions interest you the most? How will you present your ideas?

You can apply as an individual speaker/performer or as a team. Your contribution should not be longer than 6-8 minutes for individuals or 12 minutes for groups.

Please send your application to [email protected] by 28.09.2017 – good luck and we look forward to hearing from you!