Q Conference

7 nov 2019, 09:00 am – STATION BERLIN

Q BERLIN brings together thought leaders and experts, unconventional minds, young shapers and participants from all around the globe to share and discuss their perspectives on the fundamental questions driving Berlin, Europe and our contemporary world forward.

Master of ceremony


Master of Ceremony & Session Moderator

Jane Doe


Berlin represents tolerance and freedom. 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, a new set of questions has emerged: Where are the values of liberal democracy eroding and what are the causes? As the complexity of these questions continues to increase, so does the need for open and constructive dialogue: Is liberal democracy headed towards an open revolt against it? What special role does the silent majority play in this scenario? And what role do businesses and the economy play in the preservation of liberal values as globalisation progresses? All of these questions also need to be considered in the context of climate change and with an eye towards Africa, processes of democratisation and the expansion of infrastructure.

Dr. Friederike Otto

Acting Director Environmental Change Institute at Oxford University

Nadia Murad

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2018 / Founder & President Nadia’s Initiative

Goran Buldioski

Director Open Society Foundations Berlin Hub-Office & Co-Director Open Society Initiative For Europe (OSIFE)

Jane Doe

new work

The year 2030 is projected to be a turning point in the transformation of the job market: Artificial intelligence is bound to service many fields of work as a matter of course – but at what cost? Are jobs on the brink of extinction and humans on the brink of insignificance? What are the risks and opportunities that come with the foreseeable transformations ahead? How can humans and businesses prepare for the lifelong learning required to undertake this process? With the increased deployment of AI, our social model also needs rethinking: What role will volunteer work play in the future? How can society function as community – is universal basic income a necessity? Will the costs require a new model for the taxation of capital and business?

Suhani Jalota

CEO & Founder Myna Mahila Foundation

Heather Brown

Associate Researcher/Editor at Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC)

Jane Doe


urban life

Literally speaking, what is the future we will live in going to look like? How do we deal with issues of city planning, mobility, growing populations and, above all, healthy living conditions? Any future-oriented discussion has to address the question of responsibility: What can each individual contribute to keeping our planet liveable now and for future generations? What initiatives and organisations should governments look to? Where do the technologies that can combat climate change come from? What obligations to share technology does climate change create? And who are the key activists carrying hope for the preservation of our world?

Jeffrey Inaba

Co-Founder Inaba Williams Architects / Adjunct Associate Professor UCLA Architecture & Urban Design

David Wallace-Wells


Eugenia Chow

Leader Bye Bye Plastic Bags Hongkong

Jane Doe


human technologies

Artificial intelligence permeates all aspects of life – how is this going to affect us as humans? How will it shape culture and creativity, and is it a gift or a curse? What new opportunities does it create for future generations and what ethical lines need to be drawn? Do we need a global rulebook, a charter, that holds nations accountable? The increased use of artificial intelligence is going to transform the economy and the work place. It is going to impact public health, humanitarian engagement and politics, and it can be deployed for the purposes of warfare. This vast scope raises the question: How can we find a set of rules that protects freedom and security?

Prof. Dr. Thomas Metzinger

Senior Professor Gutenberg-Universität Mainz / Director MIND-Group at Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Study

Florian Illies

Publisher Rowohlt Publishing House / Author/ Founder Monopol

Jane Doe


Q Dialogue

Q DIALOGUE is the title of our in-depth breakout sessions during the conference. The conference speakers engage very special guests in an open dialogue where any and all questions can be asked.

Q Dialogue 1

New Work &
Civil Responsibility

How do you picture your work life in 15 years? What are the values in society that matter most to you? This is your chance to ask questions, dive deeper into these sessions’ topics and introduce new ones in an open forum.                                                         

Q dialogue 2

Human Technologies &
Urban Life

What is your vision for urban life in the future – one that begins today? Where do we need change and where do we need consistency? Is artificial intelligence inspiring to you? Where do you see benefits and risks in the use of human technologies? We would like to hear your questions and ideas.